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Improve Your Body

Change Your Mindset

Are you looking for a lifestyle change?  Are you looking for help in changing your mindset? The Old Mission Lifestyle Medicine nutrition program is geared towards sustainability while helping you improve your health, body composition, and strengthen mental and emotional mindset.  

We take an mind-body-spirit approach and integrate technical data to help you understand your body in relation to macro nutrients and what balance of life and sustainability looks like when you have reached your health and fitness goals.  


Patience, communication, understanding and compassion is what we value when leading our clients on this journey of health.  Our approach will help you achieve your goals... whether it is from the weight loss perspective or in trying to build muscle mass or improve your overall fitness level.

Additional Therapies Provided

  • CJC-1295

  • AOD-9604

  • MOTS-C

  • Metformin/DHEA/Sermorelin

  • GLP-1 Inhibitors

On the Scales

Isaac Velarde

Nutritional Specialist and Trainer

Isaac is a certified Nutritional Specialist for Old Mission Lifestyle Medicine.  His passion is help others reach their fitness goals. 

He struggled with weight since the young age of 8 years old. Later in life he made a decision to get healthy and change by embarking on a journey which led him to lose over 160 pounds  In addition to his nutritionist work he has is competitive in Bodybuilding and has been able to live a balanced fit lifestyle since his initial goal was obtained.

If you're trying to lose weight, put on muscle mass, change bad eating habits, or getting ready for  Fitness Competitions, Isaac's years of experience will be applied  to help you achieve your goals. 


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